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ESL Speakers - Clarity, Confidence,  Emmigration

Entrepreneurs - Focus, Launch Your Brand, Excel

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I help ambitious humans to transform their mindset, overcome confidence and motivation blocks to create a successful life they love to live!
Are you an entrepreneur or professional who is ready for an international career, increased profits / pay rise, better sales figures and a capable team that delivers?

Hi - I'm Coach Mark, sometimes fondly known as Mark In Manila by many of my clients after getting marooned and locked-down in the Philippines due to COVID in 2019. I help entrepreneurs, business owners, and professionals - especially female executives struggling with confidence -to  find clarity, purpose and focus to build powerful careers, teams and sales figures to boost profits and salaries.

Want a better career? Looking for a step-by-step system and structure for achieving it? I help my clients develop a career and life plan that has clear, concise, and achievable goals that you can start today!

With over 25 years expertise combining marketing, business development, operations, sales and finance with NLP Empowerment Coaching and Public Speaking I bring a radically unique energy to my sessions with you. 

I'm working with hundreds of business owners and professionals just like you who have gone from frantic, lost and overworked to confident, effective, and relaxed… because now they have a sustainable business / career that’s designed to grow faster with less effort.

How do I accomplish this with my clients? 

Via my unique 'NLP Clarity System' I identify your 'stuck points' then together we break down big, overwhelming issues into bite-size action items, followed by massive implementation and transformation of not just your behaviors BUT your mindset using NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming.

I reveal and coach you in the step-by-step solutions to improve your performance, self-belief and confidence.

We work together to push your way beyond your current comfort-zone to give you massive resilience, expansive coping skills and super-human unstopability.

And finally, I understand the challenges in today's ever-changing business environment to give you an edge.

If you're seeking more than career excellence and are choosing entrepreneurship, because you see how business ownership can afford you total financial and decision-making freedom - let’s make that freedom a reality for you.

Together we will upgrade your mindset and draw the best out of you to unlock your strengths and help you succeed in your business / academic / personal life – faster.

Expecting more from yourself and your professional success business means overcoming any limiting beliefs about whether you’re good enough, whether others are better or more experienced and whether you’re worthy of success and money. It's all about an unshakable confidence and resilience to embrace your potential and lead yourself and your life to your version of success!

I already know there’s nothing you can’t achieve - I've lived and walked that talk - so if you’re feeling stuck, frustrated, confused or just not getting the results you want right now, let’s find out what’s holding you back and what your next steps look like?

No matter whether you are a native English Speaker or speaker of ESL I promise you together we will help you find the words, methods and strategy right for YOU to achieve that job, confidence, presentation, interview, financial or business success you deserve:

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One of the things you will love about our first coaching session is that we will identify a clear, concise path of action to help you move forward, perform better and achieve your goals! Remember - the only thing in the way of your success is YOU...don't waste another moment.

As you consider the benefits of Zoom coaching with me, you might also like to think of the empowerment, freedom and enjoyment that comes from creating your dream life from the comfort of your own home.

My coaching sessions equip you with very powerful tools and the sooner you learn these, the sooner you will see your influence over others (and even finances) increase!

I assist over 670 professionals worldwide to do just that - they are becoming masters - and you can learn this too.

Imagine how powerful and successful you will feel when you have this type of expert knowledge powering you. 

Do you think you should book your 30 minute 'Money Back Guaranteed' Coaching session with me today?

Well, if you don’t try it for yourself, then you will wonder what you’re missing out on, won’t you?

See you soon! Coach Mark

You’ve come to see me because you want to
change - here's a taste of what we'll do...

Dissolve your limiting beliefs and past patterns of destructive behavior

Remove and relax negative triggers and responses

Emotional expression and exploration - overcome your fear and anxiety about Public Speaking / Social Situations 

Self-love & Acceptance  - Self Care for Success

Develop Your Personal Growth and Expansion Strategy - For Career Or Launching Your Own Business Success 

Sales Communication and Above The Line NLP Language Connection - Learn how to sell without EVER being pushy!
Self-Leadership - Know what to say (and what not to say!) In Interviews, Negotiations and Meetings 

Create, Invite and Receive Money Effortlessly - Scaling

Setting Healthy Boundaries  -Work / Life Balance / Delegate

Create Your Future Limitless Growth & Expansion Mindset

Identify and Set Your Bespoke Goals and Legacies

Accountability Check-Ins - Keeping You Focused and On Track

Expand your Business English phrasing, sentence structures and presentation / interview confidence. I specialize in coaching ESL international clients from India, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Egypt, Dubai, UAE and USA.


Book Your 30 Minute Money Back Guaranteed Success Coaching Call 

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Book Your 30 Minute Money Back Guaranteed Success Coaching Call 

Book Your 30 Minute Money Back Guaranteed Success Coaching Call 

Wondering How I can Help You?


With over 25 years in Marketing, Business Development & Creation I will help you learn & successfully apply marketing strategies that deliver, offer strategic consultancy to make your business profitable & supply creative solutions to bring your products to market including web design, e-commerce, marketing campaigns & more



As Head of International Marketing at MASZAD Events Marketing Inc Manila, Philippines, I design & deliver some of the most exciting virtual & in-person music, dance & entertainment events & promotion / activation marketing campaigns, both in the Philippines & Worldwide for respected names and brands. We're an A-Z one-stop-shop


Motivational Speaking

Do you require inspirational and motivational speakers to deliver virtual engaging talks / workshops on topics including Resilience, Confidence, Empowerment, Business Creation, Agile Working, Men's Rights / Mental Wellness At Work / Adverse Life Events / Trauma - Transforming Pain Into Power? My team and I can make your event memorable


Coaching / Mentoring

I'm a trusted Productivity, Habit, Confidence and Accountability building coach for academics, business and professional entrepreneurs in companies worldwide. As your Coach I will help you build confidence, beat your procrastination, identify and focus upon the most productive tasks to finally achieve the success you seek!


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Max Freedman

Diversity . Inclusion . Racial Justice 

International Human Rights

Executive Director of Freedman Inc
Social Justice Advocate NYC 


Coach Zenly Diansuy

Men's Rights . Mental Health . HIV

Founder MenCourage PH

Respected Voice Coach, Trauma Counselor, NLP Master Life Coach


Coach Paul Jayahar

Team Building Using Dance

Hip-Hop, K-Pop, Bollywood 

Renowned Dance Choreographer, Team Building 


Coach Mark In Manila

Confidence . Trauma . Resilience

CEO Initial Impact Coaching & ESL Business English Experts

5 Star Rated ESL Advanced Business English Coach, Career Productivity Coach & Motivational Speaker


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